WINN FM - St Kitts

WINN FM - St Kitts

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WINN FM 98.9 began operations in St Kitts and Nevis in May 2002. It was created as an independent station, with a mission to offer local , Caribbean and international programming, and to contribute meaningfully to the information, awareness and the development of our nation and the region, through the building of educated and informed communities. WINN FM is owned and operated by the Federation Media Group, a private company with 50 shareholders, none of whom owns more than 10 percent of the company’s shares. This provision safeguards the company from the dominance of any single shareholder. The station’s objective is to face the issues squarely, without shying away from controversy, while striving continuously to provide balanced , responsible reporting.

St. Kitts (Office): 869.466.9586 St. Kitts (Studio-On Air): 869.466.0989

Miami: 1.305.921.4619 New York: 1-718-285-6984 UK : 0333 -344-0065


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