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Why does the "qanon" madness exist and why is it directly associated with christianity

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The January 6 attack on the USA capitol was led entirely by people who believe the crazy rhetoric of the "qanon" base, and they are all declared christians. Why is that?

Well if it is so easy for a human to believe that over 3 million people, including old goats over 70, toddlers, new born and impaired, were able to descend into a 1.2 mile deep wall where the "red sea" flowed, then ascend the other side without ropes or any climbing equipment -- before the water which magically parted was returned -- then one can see how simple their mind is to believe all the idiotic and fantastic unproven statements presented by the "q" feeders. And just like the men of ancient times who invented the idea of "gods" wrote crazy words and later used violent methods to enforce those words as "truth", the greedy leaders today have planned and spread the nonsense to trap gullible people, just to get them to give cash to be "saved" from a "deep state".

The christian cult uses fear of the unknown to get weak and illiterate people to forever give up money daily, and that gives joel osteen, paula white, td jack-off and others the massive mansions where the live. All while the idiots who give up their money live in trailer trash and go hungry. Therefore it is a natural connection of christianity and "qanon". There is great profit in marketing lies and hate, and the mass media houses use this to their gain everyday.

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