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Why do people believe the conspiracies about COVID-19? Are they all gullible or is there truth?

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No, there is absolutely no truth to any of the crazy and entirely nonsensical conspiracies attributed to the COVID-19 disease. The people who create the lies are doing so for cash gain, political attention and in some cases, just downright evil intent. They get pleasure from news of people dying, yes that is a real fetish. Many reports indicate that the folks who perpetuate the lies from the top, have all been vaxxed.

On the far-right christian side, they have aligned the current affairs around the globe with their crazy belief in the biblical apocalypse and are declaring the times as proof of end-of-days. This image is a snap of a post at the conspiracy forum called #disclosetv where the wacko extremists go to encourage each other with bizarre "proofs" which they find at websites that were created a few months ago, usually Russian owned. One common occurrence in these simple minded mad people forums is they tend to disagree with each other's "proof" and end up trying to out do with other "proofs", and none have any logic. It is insane.


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