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When a black man attended kkk meetings to learn why they hate

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In 1983 Daryl Davis, a jazz musician, wanted to gain an understanding of why the white people of the KKK held such hate for black people, because it just seemed so ridiculous. Here was a group that prayed to the same 'god' as he did, yet heard completely different instructions to treat black people as inferior non-humans and do everything to stomp on their existence. Davis made the contacts to the head of the cult and was able to get a meeting arranged. He did this by not declaring his race.

What Daryl learned about the beliefs and actual tutoring within the KKK, is they truly do not believe 'god' made the black people. They literally believe black people are from "satan" and do not have a soul, therefore are only made to be subservient to white people. They believe that black people have smaller brains and incapable of higher achievement.

In a conversation while driving together in 1993, the klan leader grand whatever said to Davis:

"Well we all know that all black people have within them a gene that makes them violent." Davis responded, "Wait a minute. I'm as black as anybody you've ever seen. I have never done a carjacking or a drive-by, how do you explain that?" He didn't even pause to think about it. He said, "Your gene is latent. It hasn't come out yet."

Davis was stunned by his ignorance and hit back with an equally ridiculous stereotyping statement

"Well, we all know that all white people have a gene within them that makes them a serial killer." He says, "What do you mean?"

"Well, name me three black serial killers." He thought about it — he could not do it. Davis said "Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy. All whites. Son, you are a serial killer." He says "Daryl, I've never killed anybody." So Davis replied, "Your gene is latent. It hasn't come out yet." He goes, "Well, that's stupid!" "Well, duh.  What I said was stupid, but no more stupid than what you said you me."

The racist klanster quickly realized how stupid his belief was.

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