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Video that the Buffalo shooter streamed showing his face and weapons

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This is entirely based in racist hate and already classified as hate crime (whatever that means)

The white nationalist 18 year old male that perpetrated the mass murder in Buffalo on May 5th '22 is in custody, but being applauded at all the racist forums online. His name has not been released by authorities because of the "investigation" but the public already knows the gunman was identified as Payton Gendron of Conklin, a New York state community about 200 miles southeast of Buffalo, and evidently he's a dork loser who likely was bullied and need guns to feel like a strong man.


The racist white male subscribes to the trumpian lies that white people around the world are being replaced and therefore he and many others must take action to stop this by mass killing non-whites. Unfortunately this state of mind is supported by many christian churches that help these fools feel good about their actions because their 'god' approves it. This is declared in the book called "camp of the saints", a white supremacy guide which the GOP passed around in the White House during the hate reign of trump and his white enablers, including the evangelist preachers who were always around the evil orange faced drumpf pig and its lowlife racist family.

The unfortunate fact is that the people with the authority and power to stop these hate attacks, are themselves white and have no real desire to stop it because it does not affect them directly or negatively, and they quietly support it all because they benefit politically and financially. The white owned mass media will ride this story for the next 50 days and make millions from advertising income, and white politicians will spin it to subliminally show favor and pity for those white nationalists in order to garner their votes.


The negro's innate fearfulness keeps him as the target of white bullies

The reality is that black people are too weak, fearful, submissive, gullible and dependent on an imagined white god to retaliate in kind, therefore these violent actions will continue to plague them forever, as history shows. Already the weak negros are in churches praying to a white imaginary 'god' for "strength to forgive" and spouting silly messages like "continue to love your enemies", just as they were trained like monkeys to do after every attack and injustice. The white racists have never feared black people because they are well aware of that innate fearful character. It's the reason black people lost their lands across Africa, were the perfect slaves for over 300 years and are the greatest source of wealth gain for the christian church business industry. An absolutely subservient human.


While black people march, cry, scream and pray to the white 'god' given to them by violent force of white slave masters, the white male prepares himself for war against all others, and they are getting the weapons that will do massive destruction.


The insanity of a white nationalist

The term insanity is not to suggest this fuckhead is "ill and need help", anyone who kills animals and humans for fun or other satisfaction, are indeed mentally deranged, and white nationalists are all mentally dumbasses. Of very low IQ and cognitive abilities, so they turn to violence to force their ignorance on others. It's the method used by all religions.

The woman in blue who saw the hater as he got out of his car, now identified as 32 year old Roberta Drury, appears to be the first victim.


This dude grew up in a household that spewed hate for non-whites, therefore his family should be held liable and imprisoned, just like the kid who killed class mates in Detroit. Oh but the difference is that this ass killed black people and that makes it different and not too important to the white authorities.


The shooter uses the username @jimboboiii at Twitch and other social networks and his pages are getting applause from fellow bigots.



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