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This is the epitome of bizarre: Detroit cop watch a a drive by shooting and ran scared

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It seems cops are quick to beat down and kill unarmed black men but run from those with long guns, especially when they are actually shooting someone. An inquiry into this cop witnessed shooting, which happened on June 30 as a cop recorded the event. She must have been gouging on donuts and shit her pants.

The 2 Detroit police officers are under investigation due to their dash video footage which appears to show them leaving a drive-by shooting occurring right in front of them, with their lights shining on the shooters. The officers returned to the scene and tended the victim who has survived. The gunman and driver got away and are still at large. 

Either the cops were pussy scared or in collusion with the shooters, 'cos those guys must have seen the clearly marked police car parked with the lights on, yet did the dirty anyway.


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