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This is certainly a lovely musical production and the video is certainly appealing, but why?

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Many people who have watched this video by Conjure One titled "Center Of The Sun" comment that it is "absolutely beautiful" and "peaceful", and it certainly is. However what makes it so? Is it that it's a white woman parading across a black man's land? Is it that the black people who appear in the video are her servants? Maybe people are comforted by the imagery of white man owning all and use it to their gain while all others are subservient.

Of course many will say you are "race baiting", a term used to distract from the fact of actual racial imagery of superiority. Yes the video is most definitely subliminally declaring that white man owns all and everyone should be their subjects, but that's all the creator knows. They grew up with that perpetual lesson that white man owns all the world and have the right to peruse and use all without restriction, so their productions will always portray that message without them literally planning it as such.

Maybe they never meant it to be racially offensive, but it is. Just like the many advertising by big corporations including the one from Sony which showed white woman destroying black woman to sell "Playstation Portable White".


To the ad company it's just visual marketing, and it is approved by the corporation because the all white owners do not see any issue since that imagery is all they've known through their rich protected life, and it's "normal" to them.

White folks will see this video as totally innocuous, but to the native south Americans who lost their lands to vicious white invaders that slaughtered their fore parents, they see the "loud" message of white supremacy being declared!

The Intel corporation was beat up for this ad, and they later declared that they did realize the image was distinctly racist, but ran it anyway. This is always in an effort to gain mass attention via controversy, then issue apology. It's the old "bad cop good cop" game.



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