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This is backyard brawlin' to the max. This must be where Dana White goes shopping

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Is this shit even legal? Apparently they've been in business since 2008 within the hoods of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and they've given the ring the ominous name of "Satan's Backyard", this is "Street Beefs" where angry men fight without (or not much) rules.

This is a fighting event started by now 40 year old Chris "Scarface" Wilmore a decade ago as part of his "Guns Down, Gloves Up" crusade. "Let's give these guys who have a dispute some place to solve it," Wilmore says. A place where "They won't severely hurt each other or go to jail." Maybe Dana White from the UFC quietly observes and recruits fighters from this club.

The SB fighters are not paid and there is no admission fee, so the duke it out events are outside the jurisdiction of state licensing, according to state and local officials. Harrisonburg police report occasional noise complaints, but besides that, the fights are left alone. There are no professional medical personnel present, no physicals required and no blood testing. People just show up and fight. "It's essentially the same as if we want to go play backyard football,".

Despite what Wilmore or supporters say, this is madness! People are being busted up and there is no immediate medical attention other than the splash of some type of antiseptic and some band-aid. Apparently no one has died or maimed (yet) so the authorities have not tried to stop this. While this ass whoopin' in the yard is considered a "game", and as Wilmore says "like backyard football", unlike backyard football, these men are purposely trying to fuck each other up, and they do.

The bottom line is all about monetary gain. The now branded club has a monetized Youtube channel and sells merchandise online. If the fighters are not getting a dime, that's all for Scarface Wilmore.


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