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They resisted and spread misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccine. Now both died last weekend

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Over the weekend of July 10 2021, 24-year-old Olivia Guidry, a Lafayette nurse and 30-year-old Eunice pastor Michael Pappas died after seeking hospital treatment for COVID-19, after spending many months resisting and following misleading social media jargon, then spread the lies themselves.

Olivia Guidry, a registered nurse at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center, posted in December 2020

"This vaccine has been released using recombinant DNA faster than any vaccine in the world. It manipulates your DNA at the tiniest molecular level. Do. Not. Get. It. It's not safe."

In July 2020 she tweeted:

"Am I the only one thinking they are trying to see how much they can control us? We are a straight-up social experiment."

None of her posts were based on her professional knowledge, but rather on idiotic "qanon" and "trumpian" rhetoric which she followed at various social networks. She was so deep into the conspiracy banter that she sometimes acted carelessly around patients who were know to be COVID positive. She regularly treated COVID-19 patients as an emergency room nurse at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center. She graduated from LSU Alexandria with a nursing degree and was doing pre-med courses at LSU Eunice with intent to attend to medical school.

Both of Olivia Guidry's parents are currently ill with the coronavirus, according to reports, her friends are all concerned for their health since they tended to belive her and were physically in contact.

The pastor Michael Pappas led youth summer camps as staff director of the Acadian Baptist Center in Eunice and consistently spread the rhetoric that the vaccine was a method to inject various mind control devices and told his congregation to resist the "deep state" control because it was prophesied in the "bible" about the "mark of the beast". His words have led many people along the wrong path and their lives are now hanging in the wind and may go the way he did.

They will both have the unfortunate legacy of being COVID deniers who died because of their lies.

People who believe in 'gods' will tend to follow the conspiracy when it is aligned with their belief in a book that is compiled of stories was written by roaming nomads who created fantastical entertainment for the night. They truly accept the lies from a man who have never read the bible, do not practice their religion, and does all that they have been told are "sins". That's insane.

Do the right thing. Get the facts. Get vaccinated.


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