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There is extreme insanity within the far-right conspiracy folks and no amount of facts will change their idiocy

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The insanity among the believers of anything unproven and fantastic is outrageous. They are eager to believe any nonsense from only non credible source, solely because it stimulates their desire to be angry and hate. These people want to feel just about hating any government, regardless of partisan association. If a flyer or fly-by-night website posts some pictures and text over 1,000 words about hidden secrets and lies by the govt, they automatically believe it and begin to market the obvious trash.

This post at a crazy site claims they know for sure that 9/11 was done by the government (Republicans) but does not provide names.

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This dude just makes it clear that he (or she) is absolute white racist pig. Claiming that he (or fucking she) defined Barack Obama as "the beast". These white racists just can't get over a black man having been their president for 8 years.

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I have always heard of this insanity but never seen such vile crap at the popular social platforms. This whackos always find the crazy places to hide and feed each other with silly trash

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