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The state of white barbarism around the world has grown and technically empowered

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White people have long declared non-whites who kill as barbaric, uncivilized, terrorists and criminals, yet all through history, it's the white christians who have been the most EVIL people on Earth. Their barbaric nature is innate and based in greed first, then envy and delusions. Just observe their historical work. Every land the British, French, Spanish, Dutch etc landed, they got instruction from the most evil catholic church to enact genocide on the civilized citizens, then take the land in the name of 'god' and the king fucker.

Without white people and christianity, there would be absolute peace on Earth. Fact!

When one believes there is an unseen deity that commands them to kill anyone who does not share that silly imagination, that's a person who should be considered a terrorist, because they are determined to use violence to enforce their obviously insane beliefs.

This white trash decided to slaughter 77 people in Norway in 2011 because they did not deserve to live and were parasites (though many were white) who did not have a soul because his 'god' didn't make them. Yet he ONLY got 21 years of prison time, because he has "rights" as a white male and his conquering peers want to reward him for his act of barbarism which they embrace. His cult taught him that non-whites were made by a "she demon" which had the purpose of destroying "god's people". If that is not straight outta Spielberg's draft for a movie, this ass must have just fallen into his dreams and made them real, kinda like that fool donald drumpf.


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