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The reason slavery lasted over 2 days is because of the many weak black people

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It is easy to enslave people who believe in unseen gods as their master, and even easier to keep those fucking dead-heads in captivity for 300 years when they are convinced that the 'god' is white skinned and therefore the slave master must be from 'gods'.

These damn negros stand in order to "honor" a white bitch who keeps them in poverty, whose evil white bloodline invaded Africa and brought fucking niggas to Barbados as slaves for centuries, yet they "respect" her! What the fuck is that about! That ass with the sword should just cut off her head and go out in honor to his ancestors who were slaughtered by her kin. The sad fact is that it's those dumb white-bowing niggers who would beat him down.

Scenery like this is what makes the negro so hated by all other races. Not because of his dark skin complexion, heck there are many south Hindus much darker. No, it's that the negro is the most gullible and weakest human on Earth and easily misled into division and hate of themselves. It's the reason the negro woman spends billions to have unnatural straight hair, to be an inferior copy of the white pigs. How dumb can a nigger be!

fuck the queen slut


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