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The real destruction of billions of niggers is their weak belief in imaginary white 'gods', and they continue to suffer because of that. 24 die for that idiocy

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The black man's belief in the obvious nonsense of unssen 'gods' has been their curse since time began, and many rulers of niggers have used that absolute gullibility to make them give up money and commit acts of violence on others. The white Europeans came along and saw the power of religion on idiots and simply took it to the highest level.

On December 4 2021, in Kitui County, Kenya a church bus with choir members was heading to a wedding and tried to cross a river Enziu. The bridge was damaged due to a flash flood and there was absolutely no logical possibility to cross so the driver stopped. The passengers who foolishly believe in a white god being present that would part the water and let them cross, forced the drive to go in faith, and it did not end well.

The following quote from a report about the accident show how self-centered the fucking idiots of the christian cult are:

Kea (a survivor) said he did not know how to swim and his life was saved by a diver who immediately jumped into the waters when the bus overturned.

“I am really grateful that the diver saved my life, I really thank God for sparing my life,”.

To that nutcase, his imaginary 'god' preferred to save him and let 24 die because he is "blessed"







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