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The racist 4 years of trumpism has left America in the grip of brazenly hate filled violence

Eric WellerViews: 970

The many people who have long held racist and other bigoted hate for others had let it shine during the 5 years of the evil and totally racist drumpf, and they have continued to do their wicked attacks while the orange racist pig lays back in his Florida mansion and jerk off on it.

Here is one such pig who has so much rage that she sought any silly reason to be violent. Soup have for eternity been served hot, yet she figured it was "too hot" and complained to the manager of a Texas (always the racist state of TX) restaurant, and even though the manager offered a solution, she just wanted to let out her rage, so in her face with the soup.

The same happens on commuter airlines, buses, and many stores where these hate laden trumpites visit. It is clear that the racist pig family of drumpf and all the GOP white pigs and evil christians are encouraging this insanity, and the only way to end this is to arrest ALL the evil christian preachers, the drumps and those GOP crazies who spew racist hate.

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