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The Kathoey Culture Of Thailand Explained

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The culture of kathoey, or the more westernized term of "ladyboys" or transgenders, are extremely common in Thailand and are seen pretty much all around big cities everywhere and are very welcomed. Unlike in the western societies where similar people suffer indignation and even physical assaults due to the culture of homophobia that's fueled by religious hate. And while many from the west spew hate towards trans women, they make clandestine trips to the country just to experience sexual encounters with these gal-dudes.

One may wonder why men, heterosexual men that is, leave their Euro home to go thousands of miles to get a slam on with a chic with a dick and the reasons given are similar. They like the fact that these boys do a everything to look finer than real women. While a woman will simply settle with what she has and figure men will come along, the #ladyboys will go for body perfection, and that alone is attractive to men, despite their disdain for homosexuality.

The Thai docs have even developed a level of perfection to transform boys to girls that many travel to the country to get the procedure done right. Many of these shemales look so fine that one would never know they were born to piss standing up until you grab the crotch and feel that dick. Heck, even their voice has been refined to sound entirely female.


Of course not all the boys who become girls do so because they desire a stiff dick in their ass, in fact many have said that they really hate taking cocks but do it because it pays for their chance out of abject poverty. It is quite likely that all the kathoeys historically are from very poor families.

Though not all ladyboys are into the game of "suck fucky 5 bucks". Some have found success in the world of modelling and brand representation, though it was challenging to get through the deep conservative bureaucracy and the class of natural born women who refuse to accept "these types of people" (how derogatory) because it was "unfair" that transgenders have all their female attributes made to perfection and take medication to achieve absolute femininity (whatever that is).


These are a few Thai kathoey models who made the big time

Chalisa “Rose” Yuemchai



Patta “Nadia” Wiruntanaki



Pemika “Pynk” Ditsayamethanont



Monthana “Jeen” Chuthatus



Woranun “Frame” Nalatworasakul



Rinrada “Yoshi” Thurapan



Treechada “Poyd” Petcharat


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