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The future of sex is all with AI - the sex robot that does not complain

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Already there are many artificial intelligence sex dolls in use across Japan, and the men who use them, are thrilled and satisfied, but is this bad for humanity?

The developers are not creating these with the thought of solving a human problem, because there is none when it comes to sex. No, they are working on the research report that indicate the sex doll industry will balloon to a whopping $300 billion sales market by 2025, and to date it is already over $20 billion annually.

The men who own these dolls state that they do not have an issue with socializing, in fact many are married and have kids. They claim that the robot satisfies their desires for various sexual fantasies and supports a healthy marriage, because no cheating. Opponents argue that sex with any object is still cheating (nonsense) and that it will lead to men no longer wanting to be with their wives, therefore wives will simply seek other sources of sexual pleasure, being other men. Not to worry women, there are also male dolls available.

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