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The day Tucky Swanson Carlson was declared as the lowest human scum

Eric WellerViews: 281

This asshole felt secured among his people when he walked into a store in Livingston, Montana, a "red state", to stock up on gear for a fly fishing trip, but he met folks who are now well aware that he's just a greedy scumbag who's using their hate to gain wealth.

Carlson has lied to the Republican base and many have lost relatives to the COVID-19 virus because they really believed him. Now they found out he and his entire family and rich friends have all been vaccinated, and realized he is just a liar like trumpitler. These uber conservatives thieves don't care about the people who send them money. They just care about their money.

Now Dan Bailey's words are renowned around the globe:

“Dude, you are the worst human being known to mankind. I want you to know that.”

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