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The "black militia" called NFAC with the nut "grandmaster jay" is just a clown parade

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The militia group with the funky name Not Fucking Around Coalition (that name just confirms the clown show) aka NFAC held an armed march throughout Louisville, Kentucky in 2020, concluding with a nearly hour-long speech by NFAC leader John Fitzgerald Johnson, aka “The Real Grandmaster Jay."

While they aim to defend the rights of black people in America, and have chosen the method of violent tooling (guns), they spew the same old nonsense rhetoric of Louis Farrakan and others who just take money from poor black folks and do absolutely nothing for them. This is NOT a feasible method to defeat racial inequality in a land that is controlled by white folks!

First off, there are no black owned weapons manufacturer anywhere in the world, therefore the $400k spent for arms all go to wealthy white folks and just give them more power, because they can BUY politicians to work against black communities. They don't need guns!

Real power is not in guns. Real power is in owning massive wealth which can then own legislators who will set laws to determine who can own guns, who stays free and who is placed in captivity.

No intelligent person seeks guns when thinking dominance, just ask all those wealthy Jews who own 80% of the world's value. They gain more by owning governments which are managed by greedy people who will do any corrupt and inhumane action on the citizens as requested by the corporations that pay them.

Instead of taking money from poor black folks, then giving all that money to those same wealthy white folks in order to look tough ('cos that's all those guns and gear do), it would be best to invest in land and property grab. Keep grabbing until you own so much that you get to make decisions. That's what Marcus Garvey was about and that's the reason the white power had to stop his progress. They aren't stopping this clown group from buying guns because it means they will own nothing of value, and they already know who and where those guns are, therefore able to capture and imprison at will, and that's what has happened to the carnival leader "grandmaster jay". Those with the wealth ordered his arrest and made him a criminal, and they can keep doing the same to the members of his silly pack.

Forget guns and violence! Seek wealth always, by any means possible, then you will have power.

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