Woman Living With Decaying Breast Cancer

Friday, January 13 2017
woman living with decaying breast cancer

The story about a woman who has been suffering with untreated breast cancer for 6 years or more, has been making the rounds at social pages and emails since 2011. It's origin traces to the African scam sites that prey on simple minds who rely on religion for everything. All instances of the post require the reader to 'like' and 'share' or 'retweet' to 3 or more groups or 7 friends. It promises good 'things' from god if done, and threats of bad luck if ignored. The perpetrators understand the science of marketing to imbeciles so the result is positive for them. Their goal is to gain website traffic and the post has been shared well over 70 million times collectively.

The post


My name is Angela, i want to plead with you to just take little of your time and read this to the end. I know you have a mother, a sister, a girlfriend or even wife; all of them are ladies. Look at my picture when the cancer had not started.

I have been struggling with breast cancer for over 6 years now, i had one of my breast mutilated but the tumor soon spread to the other breast pictured above. Life has been full of pain, sorrows and tears. I had visited hospitals, i have used money until i am now broke.

I am feeling real pain. I want you my dear reader to be with me in prayers. I pray that God heal me nd bless any hand that types amen for my health purpose, once more, May God protect your loved one's from the pain I am going through." If you have a heart that understands what i am going through, then please don't ignore this nd the lord shall give u peace nd success If only u type amen in Jesus Name.

Type #Amen if you wish me to get well soon because I believe ur prayer can cause all yolks to be broken Pls pray for me to be able to survive the sickness. Your 1 amen is 1000 prayers for me nd ur 1000 prayers are medicine to my healing pls don't be heartless and share to groups


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The Facts

All bullshit posts will include a demand to 'like' and 'share', and that always the give-away.

The cancerous image is from a breast cancer wiki site which has been published since 2009.

The photo of the woman is stock image provided by Getty images and can be found at many websites.

getty image girl posing

Follow the safety rules of social media to avoid scams.

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