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SLAM FM is proud to join the select few who are awarded the opportunity to broadcast radio to our unique Barbadian radio listening market. It is with great joy that we embrace our commitment to providing fresh, modern entertainment guided by a focused informed play list and entrenched in local and regional cultures. Mainstream in format and heavily focused on the 15-30 year old market, we will prioritize feedback from our target group in order to guide our play list of the latest and best tracks of the decade. As a family based radio station, SLAM FM will uphold the highest standard of quality programming suitable for all Barbadians to enjoy.

We invite you to relax, enjoy and listen to our entertainingly modern format of radio and we eagerly anticipate entertaining your every day. On behalf of our entire team we sincerely hope that you enjoy Barbados’ newest radio station as we dedicate SLAM FM to YOU. .

Haggatt Hall, St Michael, Barbados
(246) 434-1011 OFFICE
(246) 436-1011 ON AIR
(407) 495-5198 INT. OFFICE
(407) 495-5199 INT. ON AIR
(246) 437-7526 FAX


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