Nina Ross Da Boss

Nina Ross Da Boss

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Nina Ross Da Boss Is The Name
Hustling By All Means Is The Game
Im Really In It For The Change
But Of Course I Love The Fame
Determined To Succeed
Down To Earth Thats Me
Been About My Issue
No Crying Keep Ya Tissue
I Love To Write It’S TherapeuticI Don’T Say A Lot I Just Do It
No Nike… A Lot Of People Like Me
A Lot Of People Hate Me
But Don’T Have The Attributes To Replace Me
When In A Relay See.. I Must Finish First
To This Earth As A Failure I Refused To Be Cursed
Don’T Hype Me At My Best
When You Doubted Me At My Worst
Be In It To Win It Or Dead That Shit… Hurse

Welcome To My Website A Glimpse Into My Life. Order A Few Items, Drop Some Lines Of Incite. I Love My Fans I Can’T Express It Enough. You Guys Are The Reason That I Go Hard, Tough. Keep Me In Ya Minds, Keep Me In Ya Prayers. Im About To Put The Icing On The Cake In Thick Layers!!!


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