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NI Caribbean Sound

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Nicaribbean Sound has been created for the people of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, to promote the unique sounds of the Caribbean Coast.The word Nicaribbean: Nica, the shortened term for Nicaragua; Caribbean, of or relating to the Caribs, the eastern and southern West Indies, or the Caribbean Sea. Music is the life of this region, here you will hear almost all genres of popular music, Reggae, Roots, Dub, Mento, Zouk, Dancehall, Country, Soca, Hip Hop, Bachata, Reggaeton, and everything else in between. Nicaribbean is more than a web based Radio Station, it is an entire culture and way of life.

DJ Chow has a strong vision for Nicaribbean to promote concerts solely for Nicaragua. The idea behind the promotion is, to give exposure to Nicaragua where there is none, to fill a major void that is live music played in the Caribbean coast on a regular basis. From these concerts, Nicaribbean Sound will donate a portion of the proceeds from each concert to support the advancement of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast people, especially the youth,sponsoring of youth sports, clean up projects, health awareness and much more.


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