This is Dusty Smith from deep in the bible belt of the Mississippi, and he don't take no shit from no damn god!

Like many people who have awaken to the bullshit that is religion, and that means all 4,000+ religions, Dusty has challenged the ignorant people who believe their imagination to be real, to do something magical to prove it, and to date none can produce. They all declare the usual crap like "god doesn't obey man" or "god does things on 'his' own time". It's all sensational rhetoric, but the gullible don't know that, so they keep preachers wealthy, of course, because it is 'the will of god' :)

Dusty has successfully turned his disdain for ignorant religion into a lucrative business, and the double standard christian hate him for that.

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Friday, March 03 2017
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