Friday, May 18 2018

Yet another old racist white pig call cops on an innocent black man in the neighborhood

Yet another old racist white pig call cops on an innocent black man in the neighborhood

The state of 'trumpism' is ramping up. It's almost as if the racist white trash community are competing to prove who is the most racist scum in America.

Michael Hayes is a real estate investor in Tennessee, and while approaching a property to inspect it before purchase, an old white bitch struts out on her porch and screams at him to get out of the neighborhood. Though he explains his purpose, she calls the cops, and it didn't go well for her.

Black people you need to be aware that this is never going to end and will only get worse as long as the bigot lord shithole trump is in his white house. He is giving these bigots the authority to spew hate. Just fight fire with fire. Call cops on white folks who you simply don't like! Fight hate with equal hate!

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