Why Are Christians The Most Evil People On Earth? Maybe Innately Evil People Seek Cults With Gods That Advocates Human Misery.

Friday, January 10 2020
Why are christians the most evil people on Earth? Maybe innately evil people seek cults with gods that advocates human misery.

There are countless stories in the judea / christian literature that boast and applaud mass human slaughter, and all are commanded by a 'god'. For this reason, christian leaders through history have used those stories of hate and bigotry as catalysts to motivate simple minded believer to go out and kill, take wealth and give to 'god', who usually is the king of the country.

Foolish christians like to deny their books of evil and claim that 'god' does wicked acts to 'wicked' people, though it's never a fuckhead magical 'god' that perpetrates that murders, it's always humans, many who also die in their terrorist attacks. If a 'god' was so fucking mighty and magical, why does that being need mere mortal humans to kill humans on its behalf. That is fucking nonsense and based only in human evil nature.

The cult is solely about greed, a process created by the jews from ancient times. The nomadic group tended to invade lands and societies quietly and blend in for many years. They would steal any value available, including stories of 'gods' and magic. Overtime they made those stories their own and created the many bullshit books that simple christians believe and go killing their brothers in the name of a fucking non-existing 'god'. The islam cult saw the value in religious violence and developed their own. They are all just competing for wealth, which they have labeled as 'souls for god'.

The most vulnerable and most penalized by religious evil, are black people. Primarily because they are like brutes with fearful simple minds and quite susceptible to sensational glitter. They have been given 'gods' by people who despise them, yet they are the most committed to those beliefs and will quickly kill to protect the people who beat them into belief.

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