When affluent white kids do crimes, they walk away without penalty. A Texas Tech white terror group exposed

Tuesday, July 17 2018
When affluent white kids do crimes, they walk away without penalty. A Texas Tech white terror group exposed

On June 20th, a group of rich white boys at Texas Tech University joined in a private chat to plot mass terrorism on the Mexico border, with the intent to hunt Mexicans and shoot them like animals. The plot was exposed and the authorities alerted, however being rich and white placed them above the law so no penalties were applied.

This is not uncommon. This kinda chatter is happening in EVERY white household across America, accept it or not at your on peril. White people have been brainwashed by the media to believe that all but white people are criminals and should not be respected or treated humanely. Though there may be white folks who claim to stand for all humans, they are merely on the ride to gain financially. Their natural morals do not support humane thought, and when given the opportunity, they will stab a black man in the back.

Just accept this. Live in the real world knowing that white people own everything and they are in charge and therefore will never accept non-whites as their human equal. They would prefer to give that status to a dog. White people conquered all the world so that does indeed make them a superior race, whether you like that or not, it does not matter because it is FACTUAL!

The thing you should be focused on is wealth gain! Nothing else matters in a capitalistic society. Stop being distracted by racism and just build wealth. Quit the nonsense of "taking the high road"! That's what gullible fools do and end up as fucking slaves because the white man does not applaud you for your "high morals" simply because to him it means weakness and fear. Seek to gain your own piece of wealth, BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE, just as the white conqueror did, and create your security.

Screenshots of the terrorist chatter








The apology

Of course all the head white terrorist needed to do is submit an apology and even the black people have pitied him (dumb asses), because they see him as pure.


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