This is the imagery that keeps the dumb self righteous house niggers stuck on trumpism

Tuesday, November 13 2018
This is the imagery that keeps the dumb self righteous house niggers stuck on trumpism

The trumpisters put up this billboard on I-170 in St. Louis between Rock Road and Page Blvd and dumb fucks who believe in a white fuck ass 'god' have associated fuck head dumb trump with being the 'messiah' and the monkey trained christian niggers just love that.

While other races have created gods that look like themselves, the Africans have no gods. They bow to the gods of others and expect those gods to offer them favor. That is absolute dumbass in effect.

It will be a great day when christianity is listed a fucking crime and the followers are imprisoned and handled as Cesar did the Jews. The christians are the most EVIL people on the Earth, and there can only be peace on Earth when that group of wicked and greedy cult is eliminated.

Alex Knowle

Long time blogger and supporter of socialism for human equality

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