This Is Confirmation Of White Superiority!

Tuesday, December 10 2019
This is confirmation of white superiority!

If the 'blessing' of Zozibini Tunzi as "miss universe" makes you "proud" to be black, stop the goddamn whining about "white superiority" because your joy is their confirmation!

Such a sad state for black people. Still begging to be validated by white institutions. Is it that she's not beautiful if the WHITE establishment does not confirm that fact? No wonder our ancestors were easy to enslave. They saw the white man as a 'god' and their 'savior' and that made them vulnerable and inferior. We still see white people as or superior and need their 'blessing' in order to feel validated as humans, even in our own BLACK COUNTRY. Ain't dat some dumb shit!

It's ludicrous and certainly an indication of weakness when a black woman in a "black country" needs to state that in her country she needs to be validated by the white people who OWN her country, and she and the whole black world are happy about that, enough to distract from all the land grab being done by white folks. All that has done is validate WHITE SUPERIORITY! No white person would STOOP to the level of seeking validation from any black establishment. They would just create their own and take steps to destroy the black entity. (library of Alexandria)

Since you are so satisfied with being second class by showing the need for white verification:

  • Stop whining about racism because you bring it on your self by telling the white man that he is better than you.
  • Stop begging for reparations because you are too dumbass to invest the money for your own progress. You'd simply give all the money back to the white man because you crave his creations.
  • Stop complaining about injustice in any society because you have convinced the world that you are of lesser subservient class and therefore your lives don't matter.

Quit begging for white man's validation of your self worth and rise up from ignorance!

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