This hater white trash is so scared of black people, he is shaking like a pig in the slaughter

Monday, July 16 2018
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This hater white trash is so scared of black people, he is shaking like a pig in the slaughter

So many white people are exposing their hate these days that it is now OK to assume all fucking white people are racists and will attack without provocation.

This bigot so hated a black woman at a CVS store that he called the cops, and because he was lying, he started trembling violently. The store corporate boys released an apology but have yet to get rid of his white trash ass. He is even dumb enough to be running for city office, in a fucking city of high percentage Africans. Now he has social media fame and will join the others in looking over their shoulders when walking down a street.

Alex Knowle

Long time blogger and supporter of socialism for human equality

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