Friday, April 27 2018

The signs for \"no blacks allowed\" are back

The signs for \

It seems Waffle House has openly declared that black people are not wanted in their stores, and subliminally restored the hate signs, and we're ok with that, because it means more money stays in the black community.

On Sunday night April 22 around 3 am, Jacinda Mitchell stopped at a 24 hour Waffle House restaurant in Pinson, Alabama, only to find that door was locked and only white customers sitting inside. It appears the employee locked the door just as she parked outside. She grabbed her phone and began recording to collect the proof of the bigoted action, and eventually an employee walks over to the door where Mitchell is standing, bangs on it and says “I will shoot you”.

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Black folks, be OK with this. Now you know that white people were never your friends, they were simply tolerating your existence because it is the law. Now that 'trumpism' is in full effect, the white owned businesses have virtually put out their signs for "No Blacks Allowed". This is now an opportunity for black folks to open businesses that cater solely to blacks and thrive from the $1.3 trillion that self loathing black people give to white economy annually.

Stop fucking chasing after white people's shit! Do your own thing! Unite and build Black wealth! #Support_Black_Owned_Business

colored_only_sign.jpgDuring the Jim Crow era of racial segregation in the American South, some businesses posted "colored only, no whites allowed" signs over their doors as required by the law of the time



It seems some ignoramus folks have chosen to focus on the post's image to claim that the article is 'fake' (maybe trump told them so). They see El Paso yet don't see also the date 20 Feb 1929. Since you lack basic intellect, the image was manipulated for visual emphasis of the incident. It's a standard method of journalism, like it or not! The WORDS on the other hand, are factual. Since research is a challenge for those simple folks, here are some links to other reports of the same incident. If trump has not convinced you that all but Fox and Breitbart are 'fake news', feel free to check them

New York Post . Alabama Media Group . The Grio

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