The old racist Waffle shit house is at it again

Wednesday, June 13 2018
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The old racist Waffle shit house is at it again

In May, a black couple realized they were over charged a small $1.50 for an orange juice at a waff shit hole in redneck Fort Walton Beach, Florida, at 318 Miracle Strip Parkway, and when they asked for the refund, the white racist staff called white racist cops. The cop showed up with guns drawn and it inevitably led to arrest of the black people. They never even received the food which they paid for and were arrested for theft and trespassing. The charges were later dropped when the police department realized the arrest was based purely in racial hate. Of course the hater cop is still on the beat.

The white bigot PIG who first arrived, held extreme hate and seemingly was trying to irritate the big black dude and get him to resist or challenge, just so he could honor his bigot king trump by killing the black man. These are the cases that make people celebrate the death of white cops. Though "some" may be "good" humans, most are evil beasts.


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