The Negros Who Are Proud Of Their Inherited Slave Names, Are Forever Slaves.

Monday, May 04 2020

When one hears the name Zeng Yung-Hoo, one expects to see an Asian of the far east, similarly if the person's name is Anita Kumar, the expected visual is brown skinned Hindu, however no one expects Brian White to be dark skinned, woolen hair, big lips and big nose. That name belongs to a white skinned male! That black man should be identified as Ismalda Hossin or even more complex as Arohunkegbe Abibat.

A black man with a Euro name is a clear indication that he is a descendant of SLAVES (ADOS - African Descendant of slaves)! He has no identity because his lineage was constantly separated and sold like cattle. His name changed based on who his new OWNER was, so his bloodline is untraceable, yet he is "proud" of his slave name?! What that fuck is that!

That ignorance of loving a slave name is what makes the ADOS negro undesirable for marital unity (rightly so) because the offsprings will not have any true genealogy. They just have to accept whatever crap they are told, but it only traces to the plantation where their fore parents were cotton pickers.

The least an ADOS negro should do is legally rid himself of the Euro slave name and create a new lineage with his own identity. Research African names and choose one that strengthens your existence and gives you an honorable status.


Leo Muhammad stating the ignorance of the black man who is proud of his slave given name

"as long as you are walking around with another man's name, it means that he forever owns you"

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