The Negroes Must Be Really Too Hooked On White Jesus That They Think Drumf Is Their Savior

Monday, May 04 2020

The negro has such an absolutely weak and fearful mind that they have easily been mind controlled by white men. The dumb negros believe that being white skinned is 'godly' and black skinned is a curse that needs to be saved by white men. It's a sad state of mind, but very real.

This dumbass Ethiopian negro bitch who worships drumpf, was happy to run up to a stage at his rally to pray to the air and that her imaginary 'god' for this man of absolute EVIL. In the photo he is clearly just laughing at her stupidity and dumb gullible. That grin he has is a clear statement that he absolutely OWN NIGGERS who believe in gods.

The drumpf loving nigger said

“I’m not really good with prayers or anything like that but I just want to say thank you, Mr. President," she said, "and I know we have a political warfare right now, but I strongly believe that it is a spiritual one as well."

The method to control an entire nation of dumb niggers is

  • keep them poor and starving
  • make 1 of them successful and tell her that the 'white god' 'saved' her soul and gave her 'good things' and if she wants to keep her 'things', she must tell all niggers that only white man can save them so they must remain loyal to white men and accept that they are cursed.




The proud house niggers

The dumb 'white god' believing niggers that kiss drumpf's nasty ass. These are the house niggers who quickly sell out the black communities to white slave owners.

Fuck the racist white pig drumpf, and fuck the monkey niggers who kiss his ass!

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