The Negro Is A Resource Every Economy Needs Because He Is A Well Trained Consumer

Tuesday, May 05 2020
The negro is a resource every economy needs because he is a well trained consumer

Because the simple negro thrives on vanity, spending is all he thinks of, and the value is irrelevant to him. In fact, the more expensive a shiny item is, the better the negro thinks it is.

These fools have probably received a check from the government, and to their dumb mind, it's "free money" that should be immediately spent on useless consumables. Investing to a dumb negro is stupid. Here they form a long line at the "Jimmy Jazz street wear" store at the Greenbriar mall in Atlanta to buy the new "air jordans" because the ads were shiny.

These dumb negros think they are supporting a black owned business because the house negros who suck trump's shit have lied to them. The chain is owned by a white Jew Jimmy Khezrie who recognized the consumption nature of the dumb negros since 1985, and setup shops in their neighborhoods, played rap music and sold them cheap sweat shop clothing. They don't even hire black people at the corporate level. All they want from black fools is their money.


One thing is sure, Nike, the white owned company that produces those useless and worthless shoes, are certainly happy that American negros are 97% dumb fucks who will forever keep the white man wealthy.

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