The Great Negro Trap - Religion

Sunday, August 26 2018
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The great negro trap - religion

If you keep a group of humans illiterate and tell them that you are sent from a 'god' to lead them, you get them to do all your dirty work forever. That has been the plan of all religions since their inception and unfortunately the innately superstitious and ignorant negroes are the greatest supporters of many religions.

Just tell a weak, simple minded negro that an unseen 'god' will make his life better if he (the dumb negro) give lots of money to the preacher, and you (the con preacher) will be wealthy for life.

These con preachers have seen the light of riches to be derived from dumb negros and taken full advantage. They will never tell these weak and gullible people that being better means gaining the highest level of education, cut the useless consumer spending and invest wisely. Instead they tell the fucking fools that they should stay fucking dumbass because 'god' hates "book lerners".


That same ignorance, fear and innate need to believe in magic is what led negros into slavery and kept them there fore over 200 years. Only the weakest and lowest humans can be captured and enslaved for so long. Rise up fools and gain knowledge. There is no fucking magical 'god' to do shit for you. You will only achieve wealth by doing for yourselves.

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