Tee Mac Logically Defines Why Christianity Is More Likely A Cult Created By Men

Friday, February 14 2020MyCaribbeanRadio
Tee Mac logically defines why christianity is more likely a cult created by men

Written by Facebook user Tee Mac

This is what my Bible looked like. Not only did I read it cover to cover twice, but I also studied it and broke each verse down in its original language and used a Hebrew and Greek lexicon and concordance to study a word's original meaning and usage.

And do you know what I began to see? I saw men creating God in their own image. God is just a larger form of man's ego, only he's beyond accountability. God is simply what man fantasizes about becoming.

Religious men have even attributed man's ugly traits to their God - like jealousy, possessiveness, control, and vindictiveness. You would think that the goat-herders who wrote the Bible would be at least sophisticated enough to realize that if they made their God with these weak human characteristics that people might become suspicious about their invention.

I was raised in a religion that claimed "God is love" but he acts like a monster on every page of the Bible. They claim that God's love is unconditional, yet the Bible has more conditions than the iTunes terms of service agreement.

It wasn't until I left Christianity that I learned love without possession. And that kind of love is otherworldly to me. Love without possession seems right to me for some reason. It just makes more sense. I've had to unlearn Christian love and assimilate love without possession into my life and into every relationship. I have 2 sons and a daughter. I've been given the honor of parenting them, but their lives are their own. They all have natural talents and abilities, and they can use them or not use them however they see fit.

People think it's blasphemous whenever I suggest that I could teach God a few things about parenting, But they fail to see that a God who is silent and absent in a child's life is no father at all. The father who dips his children in lava simply because they did not reciprocate love back to him is a monster, not a loving Heavenly Father.

Having children completely changed my ideas about love and fatherhood. And I want to distance myself as far as I can from the father of the Bible lest my children become yet another victim of this abusive and controlling religion known as Christianity.

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