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Show Teachers Some RESPECT

Show Teachers Some RESPECT

As the summer comes to a close and you are sending your children back to school, please remember that the people you are sending them to spend six hours or more with need your support and your respect.


Teachers not only need your respect they DESERVE IT.  They are not your enemy so stop treating them as such.  While maybe 7 out of 10 children come to school ready to learn, the other 3 are often times very rude, disrespectful, disruptive, etc.. I can go on.   However, WHY -- when you already know.  You were once students too.  

When teachers call or email you -- the parent -- to advise that your child is disrupting the class and preventing him/her from teaching and others from learning they are asking for your support.  They are not calling you to BITCH.. and if they start telling you about a myriad of misbehavior displayed by your child don't start asking "why didn't call you earlier". They are calling you NOW.  They need your HELP.

Teachers have been told off, cursed out and ignored way too often by parents who think their children are "always good".  NOT.  Some of the behaviors they display at school with their peers that would blow your mind.  So, why are you automatically taking a child's version over the teacher’s.  Hence this is one reason why the student's misbehavior continues.  You don't call them OUT but rather – you become an enabler.   You actually accuse the teacher of lying on your child.  Trust me -- they have a lot more things to do with their time than to single out your child and make up stories about them.  

Another thing, your kids still get quarterly report cards.  Most school districts also send home interim reports not to mention you can monitor your child's academic progress on line.  If you are SHOCKED at the end of the school year when you get the notification that your child is retained -- SHAME ON YOU !  

Teachers are “in loco parentis” – they are responsible for your kids during your absence.  Sometimes, they are the only parents some children know – So RESPECT  is DUE !!  Keep your bad attitudes at bay and provide the teacher the cooperation and assistance they need to help make your child and intelligent and productive human being.  

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