Yet Another Dumbass White Trash Who Couldn't Figure Out Math At 3rd Grade Has Opted To Preach God Bullshit

Tuesday, April 28 2020
Yet another dumbass white trash who couldn't figure out math at 3rd grade has opted to preach god bullshit

So beside the skill of selling the pussy on the streets, the next method when one is just an absolute loser and illiterate fuck head, is to become a street preacher and spew all the sensational nonsense you were told.

This hate filled white pig has decided to monetize the COVID-19 crisis and travel the American landscape to spread hate. He wants to kill all the people that trumpism and the christian cult has determined to be "infidels". A society that needs to be peaceful needs to look no further than the goddamn church.

Burn all churches and religious institutions and make the dumbass followers go to work, and all will be at rest with the world.

While such a call seems atrocious to fools, the christians are the source of evil and human misery on Earth. To get a concept of their current evil on humanity, look no further that trumpism and the republican party, and the flock of excessively wealthy hate pig christian preachers that surround them. The christian hate and mass murders for 4,000 years are written in history books for all to see. They are destructive to the planet and their greed drives them to unleash genocide and starvation on billions of people around the world, and they credit all that evil to an imagination which they call 'god'. That's insanity.



Never forget the evils of religion

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