Praying With Hands Together Is Based Solely In Human Captivity And Nothing To Do With Any God

Monday, July 30 2018
Praying with hands together is based solely in human captivity and nothing to do with any god

Religious historians have traced the gesture of clasping hands when praying, back to the act of shackling a prisoner’s hands with vine or rope. Joined hands came to symbolize total human submission and the church leaders lied to people just to bask in their absolute humility.

In ancient Rome, a captured soldier could avoid immediate death by joining the hands together. Just as waving a white flag today, the message was clear. “I surrender.” Centuries later, subjects demonstrated their loyalty and paid homage to their rulers by joining their hands. In time, clasping the hands together communicated both an acknowledgement of another’s authority and one’s own submission to that authority.

It served the slave traders well when they convinced the simple Africans that a god wanted them to be submissive and praying with hands together would set them free. Instead they were shackled, and today the black man is still in those shackles because his silly mind makes him continue to put hands together in submission to the white faced god.

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