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Oppressed black folks are always told to \"take the high road\". The black men who were abused at starbucks, settle for $1 payout

Oppressed black folks are always told to \

Black people have been brainwashed with the cult of christianity to keep them submissive and docile. In any occurrence of oppression, house negro preachers are sent in to do damage control and quell the fire, therefore allowing the oppressor to run free and continue their spate of oppression.

Such is the case of Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson who were illegally arrested by white Philly cops at a Starbucks restaurant. The racist white trash store manager wanted the men to leave the restaurant solely because they were black, and when they refused, she called the cops. Because the white cops were entirely bigots, they would not allow the men to leave peacefully, instead they illegally arrested them and held them for 8 hours. Apparently the attorney representing the men have convinced them to "take the high road" and not sue anyone. Instead of monetary payout to Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, they accepted a symbolic payment of $1 each and asked the city to fund a $200,000 program for young entrepreneurs in public high schools.

Because it's so general as far as just "high schools" without specific names, all that money could potentially be sent to predominantly white schools and the oppressed black kids barely benefit. It's a very bad deal! Money in hands matter! It's the driving factor of capitalism and the reason for wars and power. If they sued for millions and took the cash, they would have total control over the beneficiaries, and be able to invest in the oppressed communities. They left it up to a white run city government who will payout to those who look like them.

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