Now the whites are giving the credit of the monoliths at Lalibla to knights templars or ET

Friday, August 02 2019
Now the whites are giving the credit of the monoliths at Lalibla to knights templars or ET

This is what happens when the books and libraries of ancient Africans were destroyed. All the knowledge of their engineering skills were lost and the teachers slaughtered and the conquerors now convince the world that black folks are too dumb to have created anything complex on Earth.

No one has presented a plausible theory of how the Africans cut perfectly shaped buildings out of solid stone to create the 11 churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia, and it is kicking their asses. However, to keep the image of black as total useless buffoons of the Earth, they have now claimed that the murderous knights templars (white men) were the builders, and if it wasn't them, then it was ET and his magic finger.

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