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Men have worn skirts for thousands of years and it's not a problem

Men have worn skirts for thousands of years and it's not a problem

Now that some male celebrities have donned the skirt as a fashion, some people, seemingly all Black people, have launched an ignorant outcry of 'feminization of the Black male'. That is absolute ignorance and nonsense!


The skirt has been the choice of attire for many cultures since time began (whenever that is), and no gender was assigned to any clothing type, neither by style or color, that all happened when retail stores needed a marketing method to sell more clothes. If both men and women wore the same clothing, they would simply share the closet and never buy any more. With genderization of the cloth, sales went up significantly.

When actor Omar Epps ran out in his skirt, the ignorant twitterverse blasted him as gay and just the usual high school level bullshit. He intelligently educated the fools with a post

It's sad that we as African-Americans are so disconnected from our true roots, our heritage & our lineage that most can't see the forest for the trees. For me, it's about celebrating and honoring our ancestral history thru actions. I walk on the shoulders of the ancients. And we've become so disconnected from our African roots that we give credit to others (who came long after) for "creating" that of which was our natural culture to begin with. We should embrace our history and be proud of our heritage!

That did nothing to thwart the ignorance however, and never will. The one know as 'M.C. Lord Jamar' who literally fits the category as 'dumb nigger' because he never got past grade 4, went on with the nonsense:

So now OMAR EPPS has joined the SKIRT GANG??? Say it sint so!!! Old heads suppose to know better. Wish I could say I photo shopped these pics of dudes in skirts to try & fool ya’ll b.u.t. They’re actually wearing them. Smh. What’s funny is @omarepps new show “Resurrection” looks interesting & was on my radar to watch especially cause he’s in it. #whytheskirt? I still might check it out, although we gotta let these SELL OUTS know we not supporting them when they cross enemy lines. We need to start putting these CLOWNS on trial for crimes against humanity! Just like they did with complicit Nazi ‘ s .

Because he is absolutely a dumb nigger, he could not concede after Epps gave him knowledge so he kept throwing blows:

So now niggas wanna flip it & bounce it & act like they was doin some AFRICAN shit…yeah ok! GTFOH If that’s what u was doin @omarepps then u should have verbally stated that when they made u stand up & model for them. Ya’ll ain’t NEVER talkin bout AFRICA any other time now that a conscious artist calls u out u wanna fall back on the MOTHER LAND. Fashion makes a STATEMENT, this is why is called a FASHION STATEMENT. ..duh. What STATEMENT are we making in skirts? What may have been CULTURALLY ACCEPTABLE thousands of years ago is no longer the case. TODAY the CULTURAL ARCHETYPE is that skirts & anything resembling them are for women. PERIOD! I am well informed Mr. @omarepps let’s not even play these games. Dude tried to act like he was taking some intellectual high road. SmhI & all people with intelligence reject ur explanation @omarepps When we wear close we are often trying to SEDUCE someone, we want them to be attracted to us by what we have on…who u trying to attract?

A visual history of men in skirts, comfortably

men in skirt by culture 014

men in skirt by culture 035 Egyptian wall art depicting men in skirts

men in skirt by culture 029Renaissance era men wore skirt throughout Europe


men in skirt by culture 003 Middle and upper class boys and girls in America wore the same clothes

men in skirt by culture 021 Fiji royal guard in skirt

men in skirt by culture 005Bhutan men today in skirt

men in skirt by culture 006 Bhutan traditional attire worn by both genders

men in skirt by culture 034 Somali men in traditional skirt known as khameez

men in skirt by culture 010 Sri Lankan male skirt called sarong

men in skirt by culture 018 Japanese male kimono

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