It's Unfortunate That Gullible Black Africans Believe White Men Are Their Gods

Friday, May 08 2020

For thousands of years, the black man, once the sole inhabitants of the African continent, believed that supreme deities in the will come down to Earth and give them good shit. For this reason, many African rulers took advantage of that weak and gullible nature and used the people to do slave tasks. Eventually the white man came to their shores and saw how the power of religion gave the kings power over the people, so they learned the skills and modified it.

After years of conquest of the African lands by the white man, they have successfully convinced the weak and innately subservient black people that god is a white male and therefore they, the white men, are descendants of god, sent to Earth to rule black fools, and black people believed that shit completely, even as they were being beaten by white men, they prayed to white gods.

Today the white man uses social media to distribute his god propaganda to simple minded black Africans. They create Facebook pages and groups and present them as owned by black people by using fake profiles with African names. They post sensational christian statements and declare trump as god, jesus or a man sent by god, and that his mission is to save black Africans. The pages tend to target the most rural negros who do not even have running water or electricity, but they have a single person in the village who has a 1915 cell phone with internet connection. Usually that's someone inserted by the russian fake news system.

Those poverty stricken black Africans worship trump online at many Facebook pages. While the dumb black Africans have no effect on the election results in white governed countries such as UK, France, Canada and America, their overwhelming Facebook presence is used to show support for far right bigots and convince the black citizens of those "white" countries, to swing their votes for white men who absolutely hate black people (trump). 'Tis a sad case of idiocy.

2020-04-24 00_26_47.jpgniggers-love-trump.jpg

2020-04-23 17_03_47.jpg



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