Ignorance and envy from the deep dark backwoods of Trinidad and Tobago surges, trying to pull down Fayann and Bunji

Wednesday, December 23 2015
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Ignorance and envy from the deep dark backwoods of Trinidad and Tobago surges, trying to pull down Fayann and Bunji

Happy Anniversary To Bunji an' Fay-Ann. We wish you many more happy years together

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Since the 2004 motor vehicle accident that caused the death of 24 year old Onika Bostic, lead female vocalist with the Antiguan band Burning Flames, rumors have continued to shadow Bunji Garlin and FayAnn Lyons, that the accident was the work of the dark art known as 'obeah'.

The police report of the accident in December 2004

Police reports on the accident revealed that around 1 am, yesterday vehicle PBJ 489, driven by Reynold Joseph of 5, Rodney Street, East Dry River, was proceeding west along the Eastern Main Road, Laventille, when on reaching close to Erica Street, the car skidded on the wet road, hit a wall on the northern side, capsized, and landed on the hood. Onika Bostic, the passenger on the left front seat was pinned and suffered massive head injuries while Joseph, suffered cuts and bruises. Sunday Newsday learnt that Bostic and Joseph were on their way to the Base nightclub at Chaguaramas when the accident occurred. Officers of the Besson Street Police Station are investigating. Bostic's single "All is yours" is currently ripping up the charts.

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The driver Reynold 'ninja' Joseph, a member of the Godfather’s Asylum and cousin of then reigning Soca Monarch Bunji Garlin, was never charged for reckless driving, even though he was known by all to be a speedster, going way beyond posted speed limits. Even Jacinta Bostic, mother of Onika still refuses to hold him responsible.

The rumors claim that Ian Anthonio Alvarez, BKA Bunji Garlin, was dating Onika Bostic, and FayAnn wanted to get rid of her, so she could get with Bunji. The claim is that that FayAnn cast a death spell on Bostic. FayAnn denies this accusation. She was married to Bunji 2 years later in 2006.

Bunji said then, and continues to declare that he was never in any kind of intimate relationship with Onika, though they did collaborate on the song 'Get On Bad'.

Today the ignorant rumors are again floating around the social networks and Bunji only had this to say, “It is a good thing these people saying these things from a very far distance. I am not going through this with my family. If they want to go down this road- I will deal with it.” Implied fightin' words?

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