If You Wonder Why Ignorant Ghetto Black People Are Considered NIGGERS, This Will Clarify

Wednesday, November 21 2018
If you wonder why ignorant ghetto black people are considered NIGGERS, this will clarify

Black people are not despised for the color of their skin, they are hated for what their skin color represents!

Dumb niggers (black, white, yellow or red) must be removed from societies for progress to continue. I am a black female and I have no issue branding these thugs as the lowest kind of humans, those being the nigger! The derogatory term does not refer to black people. Only ignorant rednecks believe that. The term applies to ANYONE who operates at a depraved human level and refusal to conform to social rules.

This absolute nigger idiot rapper called 69 at age 22 thought he was above the law because he made a few dollars from vile noise which his nigger brotherhood called music. He boasted illicit guns, drugs and about his desire to kill, rob and rape in his noise videos. He's hispanic and surrounds himself with totally dumb fucking black niggers who just hung around with hopes of profiting from the crimes. They believed they were crime a organization like the movies they watch while drug induced.

Today this nigger fool 69 is in prison for gun crimes in New York. Hopefully they figure out a means to keep him imprisoned for at least 50 years, or that he is killed, along with the ignorant asses that followed him.

Try to listen to this thug noise which he and his fellow low IQ types enjoy. It spouts violence against women, children, police and anyone they choose to hate.


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