If The Christian Bible Was Written By MEN Who Wanted To Control People, What Makes It True?

Tuesday, November 20 2018
If the christian bible was written by MEN who wanted to control people, what makes it true?

Many researchers have dove into the archaeology of the christian bible, not with a goal of debunking it but to define what the ORIGINAL books were. As they dug into archives found across the ancient world, they came to the conclusion that the bible in use today is entirely a farce: created to mislead and control people.

The royalty of Italy and Spain saw the monetary benefits in spreading a gospel of lies that supported their greed and dominance and to get the masses to submit to the lies, they used violence and mass slaughter, in the name of the "Spanish Inquisition", an evil genocide which they also used the book of lies to validate. The catholics used the same book to justify enslavement and profiteering off humans from Africa.

An early draft of the Bible has been discovered at the University of Cambridge in the UK that has been marked as one of the most significant discoveries in modern history. The handwritten draft was found after it had been mislabeled inside an archive and had gone undetected for centuries.

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