How to find the carrier for a mobile phone to get the SMS address

Friday, February 15 2019
By: MyCaribbeanRadio

While text messaging in bulk does provide a means of marketing (still spamming), there is most likely a cost associated with sending.

To skirt the costs, you can use a regular email method to send plain text message (SMS short message service) or include images using MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). Just be considerate with the latter format and keep file sizes below 100 kilobytes.

Of course in order to send message to phones using the email method, you need to know the person's service carrier domain and to get this, there is a handy online tool that will quickly retrieve the carrier info and even create the email address.


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How to find the carrier for a mobile phone to get the SMS address

How To Find The Carrier For A Mobile Phone To Get The Sms Address

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