Extreme Christian Nadejda Reilly Drove Into Oncoming Trafic To Prove 'god'

Monday, January 20 2020
Extreme christian Nadejda Reilly drove into oncoming trafic to prove 'god'

To be a "true christian", one must be innately evil, greedy and just plain insane. This woman Nadejda Reilly from Pennsylvania fits all those categories.

This extreme far right christian nut believed she heard 'god' telling her to test her faith by driving head on into oncoming traffic, (just like the fucking bible story of abraham hearing voices to stab his son), so she did and caused injury to 2 people. Of course, rather than awakening to logic, that stupid bitch furthered her insanity by stating that what happened was exactly how 'god' planned it, so she has absolutely no remorse. She believes that 'god' wanted her to cause injury to those specific people for some wrong they did.

When does this religious madness end?

Thankfully the authorities don't subscribe to the extreme christian bullshit and have placed her in jail without bail. They recognize that her state of mind cannot be changed and she is a clear and present danger to the society.

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