Do You Know Where Your FAKE Hair Came From? Do You Care If Anyone Was Hurt Or Died To Give You Long Flowing FAKE Hair?

Tuesday, July 17 2018
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Do you know where your FAKE hair came from? Do you care if anyone was hurt or died to give you long flowing FAKE hair?

The multi-billion dollar fake straight hair industry drives many in poor third world countries where women grow NATURALLY straight hair and tend to grow their hair long, to brutally attack these women to scalp them. In some case the women are beaten and even killed. But does the ugly wench Wendy Williams give a damn?! She doesn't care as long as she gets to look like the white women she wishes to be.

Black women love to justify their vain crave for straight hair by declaring that "white women do it too", and that's so silly because it merely confirms that they see white women as their superior and therefore feel validated by that fact of them wearing fake hair. Those idiots do not understand the difference. A white woman wear straight hair extensions to enhance what they NATURALLY have! Most Black women do NOT naturally have straight hair, and what they have naturally is UNIQUE only to black people, yet they fucking hate their hair! What kinda idiocy is that?!

No other human specie with naturally straight hair will EVER chemically alter it to copy the texture of black people. When white folks wear afro wigs, it's for a costume party or simply to mock black people. Why copy them when they will NEVER copy you. Don't you know a copy is INFERIOR to the original?! However it's quite clear the reason why black women will spend over $4 billion annually for straight hair -- they feel inept and unacceptable -- but that's from the era of slavery when white people told them they were ugly and unkempt with their African hair texture. 

Come on black women. Be strong, shake loose the residual slave chains and be true to your culture. Leave that ignorance to that misguided monkey Wendy Williams. Black men did so way back in the 1970s when they stopped perming their hair and left that shit to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who were long time uncle toms. Embrace the beautiful and unique Afrocentric hair that many of you, having been indoctrinated to believe a god made you, claim is "god given". If that's true, by ridding your self of that "god given" attribute, you are spitting in the face of that god and saying "you fucking asshole, how dare you give me ugly hair".

Being black is not merely about skin color. It's about being complete and true to the culture.

Rise! Be aware! Be true!

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