Tuesday, July 11 2017

Carli Bei and the 'Naked News' does it in the buff, and they are getting the viewers. [explicit nudity]

Carli Bei and the 'Naked News' does it in the buff, and they are getting the viewers. [explicit nudity]

Just when the news was getting crappy, sad, corny and full of shit, in comes the femmes who figured they'd give the people what they really want: butt nekked news! Yes it's a thing, see for yourself.


Host Carli Bei and her crew, all nude models, ex or current porn actors, entertain those who wish to pay the producer Mr Skin, a long time porn film producer, for a rockhard and throbbing news hour. It's more like the morning shows of the big networks, but without clothes. Is it silly? The tight-ass would say so. Are they having fun and passing that joy onto the viewers? Yes... yes they are!

Carli's bio states that she was thrilled with the invitation to host the show, and despite the nonsense criticisms thrown at her, claiming she is being "exploited", the beautiful Asia Canadian just keeps on doing what she chose and enjoys, without regret! BigUps!

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